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Our experience allows us to identify important issues and structure our clients’ plans accordingly.

Attorney Jason W. Cohen formed Cohen Law, PLLC in 2023 to further his mission of helping people create estate plans that ensure that their loved ones are taken care of while minimizing taxes and probate. Jason is focused on listening to each client’s goals and preparing a plan to implement them in the simplest and most effective way.

Cohen Law brings together a group of seasoned attorneys and staff with extensive experience in all aspects of estate planning, estate and trust administration, asset protection planning, and elder law.

The team is passionate about client service. We collaborate closely with our clients and their other trusted advisors, such as, accountants and financial planners; bringing our analytical and problem-solving skills to establish estate plans that transfer assets to maximize benefit to our client’s loved ones. We use state-of-the-art technology tools to provide these services to our clients promptly and efficiently.

In addition to technical skills, we bring compassion and understanding to help people who have lost a loved one navigate the probate process. This includes handling all aspects of probate, estate tax return preparation, and estate and trust income tax return preparation. We also advise trustees on their fiduciary duties and help in all aspects of the trust administration process.

Our services cover a spectrum of support from basic wills to complex estate planning. These services include preparation of different types of trusts, such as, irrevocable life insurance trusts, spousal lifetime access trusts (SLATS), grantor retained annuity trusts (GRATS), qualified personal residence trusts (QPRTS), dynasty trusts, irrevocable children and grandchildren trusts, and asset protection trusts. We also provide tax preparation services in the areas of gift tax returns, estate tax returns, and trust and estate income tax returns.

We aim to have our clients’ wishes fulfilled and their legacies secured.

Our Practice

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Estate Planning

As your Connecticut estate planning attorneys, we play a crucial role in helping you create an estate plan that makes sure that your family is provided for while minimizing taxes and probate.

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Estate Administration & Probate

Our involvement in Connecticut estate administration and the probate process is essential to navigate the legal complexities in this area, carrying out the wishes of the deceased and protecting the interests of the beneficiaries.

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Trust Drafting & Administration

We play a crucial role in representing and advising trustees in the trust administration process, collaboratively working with your family, other beneficiaries, and professional advisors.

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Elder Law

We assist and advocate for the legal needs of older adults, seniors, and their families. Planning for the future and addressing legal concerns can be emotionally taxing for older adults and their families.

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Estate, Trust & Gift Taxation

We provide guidance to help individuals and families minimize tax liabilities, maximize exemptions, and employ effective strategies such as trusts, charitable donations, and gifting plans. We also prepare estate and gift tax returns and trust and estate income tax returns.

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Asset Protection Planning

We assist individuals, families, and businesses with the development and implementation of effective strategies in their estate plans to safeguard assets from potential risks, liabilities, and legal claims.